our services

Home Design

One of the most intimidating parts of renovating or building can be the design process. We love being challenged to find creative solutions for both old and new construction! Whether you are renovating, planning an addition, or planning a new home build, we have valuable experience to help you from design to completion.

Home Additions

We creatively blend the new with the old in a unified design. We have experience in both large scale as well as small scale additions and can offer you the best service from design to completion.

Interior Renovations

Sometimes homes need to be rearranged to function better, or maybe there is some unfinished space that needs finishing. Our creative solutions can help make your home more enjoyable to live in!

Exterior Renovations

Sometimes a small change can have a big impact on the look of your home. From new siding or trim colour to the addition of stone, the possibilities are endless.

Custom Homes & Cottages

Whether you already have a plan, or need help with the design, we can help you through your project from start to finish. Coordinating a build can be challenging and time consuming. Let us help make your project run smoothly and efficiently.

Commercial Construction & Renovation

Sometimes homes need to be rearranged to function better, or maybe there is some unfinished space that needs finishing. Our creative solutions can help make your home more enjoyable to live in!

our Process

1. Consultation

Our Estimator/Designer will meet with you at your home to visualize, discuss, and help plan your project. During this meeting, it is helpful for our clients to have prepared a list of the wants and needs that they are interested in exploring. It is also extremely helpful if our clients have sketches or design ideas ready for us to review. Our Estimator/Designer will be able to give you budget pricing based on your wish list as we have likely completed several similar projects. It is always a good start to a relationship to be open to discussing budget as it will help us to guide you in the right direction with your decisions and scope of work.

2. Design/Interior Decorating

We have a highly talented group of Architectural Designers and an Interior Decorator on staff. Our design team will help our clients turn their want/need list and ideas into reality. As a leading renovator/builder since 1980, we keep up to date with new trends and design ideas that we can help incorporate into our customers’ projects. Our design team has extensive knowledge and understanding of the Ontario Building Code which is integrated into all of our project plans. We are specialists in designing bathrooms, kitchens, basements, additions and custom homes.

3. Quotation

Without a well-planned and detailed design process it is difficult for us to provide an accurate quotation for your project. Once we have the detailed design completed, our estimator will provide you with a detailed fixed price quotation. If all your products are not selected before this process, then we will carry allowances for certain products based on the level of finishes that you desire in your home.

4. Contract & Scheduling

We are thrilled to work with you! Your designer and Project Manager will sit down with you to review the contract to ensure that we have captured all the details for your project. At this time we will answer any questions that you may have about the contract and/or process. We will require a down payment for the project and agree to progress draws throughout the remainder of the project.

5. Product Selection & Kickoff

Our Product Consultant will create a product selection list (shopping list) for you that will inform you of our supplier information and the products that you will have to select. Our Project Managers will be involved in the project from start to finish and will be your main contact for any questions or concerns.

6. Project Closing

Once the project is complete, we will meet with you to do a final walkthrough to ensure that you are happy with the finished product. Any deficiencies or concerns will be dealt with in a professional and timely manner. We are very proud to offer our clients an industry-leading five-year residential warranty for renovations and additions.